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Hosting Visiting Teams

Housing plays a very important part of the programme. Without housing, there would not be any travelling or participation with other International Schools. If your child has been selected for a team, then you will be expected to house visiting students on some of the dates. This applies to all teams within the Athletics programme.

If a Varsity team is hosting an ISST, then there is mandatory housing for that team and also the JV team of that sport. Other sports teams will also be approached to help out.

Housing Rules and Regulations (ISST Regulations)

Students shall obey all instructions given them by their host parents and their coaches as if their own parents gave these instructions to them. This applies to all activities irrespective of location undertaken during the period of the tournament or competition.

1. Smoking, any other use of tobacco, the drinking of alcohol and the use of drugs are not permitted.
2. Housing arrangements may not be changed.
3. Students must be in the home of the host parent by the curfew hour set by the school. Students in Grade 7, 8 & 9 or Year 8 & 9 are not allowed out of the host's care unless chaperoned by the host parent and/or the coach.
4. Neither host families nor students may negotiate changes to the ISST regulations for students with respect to curfew, housing arrangements, the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs or any other rules or provisions set forth by the host school.
5. These regulations apply to all students: both those from the host school and those visiting throughout the competition's duration and, for visiting students, apply also during the journey to and from the site of the event.