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Family Association

A sense of community is formed by sharing experiences together. Parent support for student-athletes and the athletic department is huge. There are many ways parents can be involved; from volunteering in the cafe during games, housing players from other visiting teams, cheering from the stands when ISB teams are playing or encouraging their own children to dress in red and blue during spirit week. Regardless of whether a child is participating in a season, all parents are invited to join and support the Raiders. We are a team behind the teams.

Team Parent

The role of the Team Parent in the ISB Raiders Athletic Department is a key one for the overall success of the programme. The Team Parent is critical in supporting the coaches and being a link between the team and the rest of the parents and the community. Although every Team Parent does not have to be exactly the same in what they do and the way they go about doing it, there are a few expected roles the Team Parent has:

• Team Meeting: the Team Parent should communicate with the coach regarding the details and logistics of the parent-coaches meeting at the start of the season. The Team Parent can help the coach in deciding on a suitable time and location for the meeting. It is suggested that the meeting takes place during the Raiders 101 event (description follows).

• Communication: an important role is helping the coach communicate with other parents. This could include a weekly email or even just ensuring parents are aware of special events and home games.

• Raiders Café: this is an important responsibility that links the Team Parent to the Sports Council. The Team Parent will be responsible for ensuring that there is a suitable number of parents signed up to volunteer at the café for home games.

• Team Banquet: at the end of the season the Team Parent will coordinate the other parents on the team to create a team dinner to celebrate the season. It is not the responsibility of the Team Parent to host the event, just to be the lead person in terms of organising the dinner. These banquets can take many shapes from being hosted at a parent’s home to dinner in a restaurant or a potluck in the school cafeteria.

• Coaches Gift: it is not mandatory to provide coaches with an end of season gift. This is at the discretion of the parents.

• Team Clothing: there is a selection of Raiders Gear available in the shop but if the team wishes to purchase additional clothing such as sweatshirts then this must go through the Athletic Director. The process for ordering clothing will be made clear with limitations in terms of price and clear guidelines on team colours and use of logos.

The time and effort Team Parents put into supporting the teams and coaches is greatly appreciated by the ISB Community and the Athletics Department. It is through the generous support of parents that Raiders Athletics can provide the type of first-class sporting experience we desire for all of our student-athletes.