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Fitness Center

Strength and Conditioning is a cornerstone of being a successful athlete. The ISB Fitness Center is a state of the art facility used by PE classes, staff members and student-athletes. The ISB Fitness Center is a flexible fitness space with a variety of cardio equipment, free weights and machines. Body weight circuits, resistance training and aerobic conditioning are just some of the types of workouts possible. The center is located in the basement of the old gym and is open for student use Monday-Thursday, 16:00-17:30, and Friday, 16:00-17:15, with staff supervision. Students are required to complete an online induction prior to beginning their first fitness session which can be found here. Following this, students are encouraged to liaise with any of the fitness center supervisors in regards to fitness goals, workout plans and/or technical advice.


Raiders Fitness Center

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Physical Examinations

Prior to the start of the new school year, parents must complete the online student health and permissions form on PowerSchool. To access the form, login to the ISB Community Portal, click on ‘Profile’ and then on the PowerSchool link. The Athletics Department does however strongly recommend that student-athletes undergo a Full Sports Physical each year.


Physiotherapy at ISB is still relatively new. Beginning with the care and treatment of injured athletes it has now expanded to working with students with special needs as well as the broader student population, faculty and staff. Physiotherapy has also been involved in the design of the concussion protocol and in the return to play model used for concussed athletes.

Private one-to-one sessions can be booked with the physiotherapist on site at ISB from 9:00-16:00. Each session consists of treatment focused on the particular issue and may include massage, exercise, ultrasound, laser and electrical stimulation as needed.

Physiotherapy treatment sessions are an additional cost but patients can be issued an attestation for reimbursement through their mutuelle/ insurance company.

The physiotherapist is located in the Chalet behind the gyms and close to the Metairie parking lot. For further information please contact John O'Reilly at

Red Cross

Red Cross Belgium is present at various sports events in a support role to John O’Reilly, our ISB Physio. The Red Cross are often present at AFB (American Football) games as well as at major sports tournaments and community events we host – ISSTs & the International Festival being two good examples. They are a volunteer organisation and the Red Cross teams usually included experienced medical staff and volunteers at various levels of training.


ImPact Concussion Testing

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ImPact Concussion Testing

The ImPact test looks at different areas of brain functioning including reaction time and memory recall. These baseline results are then compared to a retest score if the student athlete suffers a concussion. This allows us to get an idea of how the brain is functioning regardless of whether or not they are symptomatic and helps us guide their recovery.

For the 2019-2020 seasons it will be mandatory for all student-athletes to have the tests completed prior to the season.

We will be holding open impact tests at the beginning of each season for one week. A Google Form will be forwarded to all parents with days and times so they can sign up their student athlete.

The test takes approximately thirty minutes and students need to bring their own laptop/tablet with their computer charger.

For more information, please read the Raiders Concussion Protocol, visit the Impact website, or contact John o'Reilly at