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Parent and Student-Athlete Handbook

The Athletics Department maintains a handbook that is intended to outline the practises, rules and explanations of how the department functions. The handbook linked below should be the first stop for parents or student-athletes who have questions about Raiders Athletics.

Raiders Parent and Student-Athlete Handbook

For other common queries, see our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for my child to play a sport?

This depends on the level and where the post-season tournament is taking place. For JV and Varsity teams there is a player fee of 250 euros. Parents also pay the travel costs to any ISST or NECIS tournaments at the end of the season. These costs are billed by ISB Accounts at the end of the season. For U14 Teams the player fee is 150 euros along with any post-season travel costs.

What happens if my child loses their uniforms?

Replacing uniforms is costly and time consuming. When a player loses an item the parents will be billed 50 euros per item. This means if a basketball uniform is lost the parents are billed 100 euros (50 euros for the shorts and 50 euros for the top).

What happens if my child is injured and has to go to the hospital?

Parents are immediately informed that the child is going to the hospital. Coaches have insurance forms that will be given to the hospital and coaches will contact the insurance company to open a file.

Where is the best place for me to find up to date game schedules?

The primary location for all information for parents is the Community Portal. Any changes are first made to the Portal.

Can ISB facilities be rented for private use for something like a birthday party?

ISB is not able to rent out the facilities on a “one off” basis due to security and insurance concerns. ISB has a few long term rentals for outside organisations.

Do I have to ‘house’ visiting athletes?

Yes, all families with children on an ISB athletics team are required to provide housing for visiting athletes, most often two at a time, which facilitates easier social situations. This ‘housing’ programme is at the heart of the ISST league and without member schools opening up their homes to visiting athletes the costs of travel weekends would increase to much higher costs. The housing programme also allows for both visiting and our own athletes to enjoy a secure and inter-cultural experience while on away trips.