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About Us

The ISB Athletics Department is situated in the “Blue Gym”. There are three full-time members of the department who are present during school days and evenings and weekends when teams are competing.

During the Fall season, there are 21 teams from the following sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Football and Tennis.

During the Winter season, there are 13 teams from the following sports: Basketball, Swimming and Rugby, with developmental teams for Rugby and Swimming.

During the Spring season, there are12 teams from the following sports: Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Lacrosse, with developmental teams for Softball and Tennis depending on numbers.

ISB Athletes compete and play at four levels:
Varsity (V) – Competitive (grades 10-12)
Junior Varsity (JV) – Competitive/Instructional (grades 9-10)
U14 A/B/C teams – Instructional (grades 6-8)
Developmental Team Players (grades 6-12)


History of ISB Athletics

One could say ISB Athletics started in the late 1950s when a group of ISB student-athletes had the opportunity to play against the Harlem Globetrotters who were on tour in Europe during the 1958-59 school year. The next step was the building of ISB’s first baseball diamond/field, in 1960, on the site where the ‘old gym’ is now located. 1963 brought with it the first Varsity team, in soccer, followed quickly by girls and boys basketball in 1964. 1968 had two firsts: the ‘old gym’ was built and boys rugby was added to the programme. This was followed by track and field, American football and field hockey (mixed team) when the upper field was completed in July 1971. ISB is a founding member of the ISST organisation which came into being in 1968 and now comprises more than 20 schools, and is the group which organises the end of season Varsity tournaments for the ISST schools.

Who's Who

Lee Rosky
Director of Athletics and Activities
Bryan Fischer
Assistant Athletic Director
Angela McCarthy
Athletics Coordinator
John O'Reilly MscPT