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Music and drama are a vital part of life at ISB and beyond. Apart from the intrinsic value of these activities at all levels, we believe that the performing arts enrich our understanding of the world and help students learn the dispositions for a successful and fulfilled life: being part of a team, collaboration, shared responsibility, self-confidence, focus and the importance of disciplined rehearsal and performance.

ISB offers performance opportunities from grade 1 to 12, both as part of the Curriculum and after-school, including: full-scale theatre productions including musicals, self-devised works and straight plays; technical theatre opportunities; strings, band (including jazz) and choir concerts from grade 5 through High School on Campus and at local venues; opportunities to take private music lessons, all available to ISB students.



Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are made available to students at ISB as a convenience to those who wish to follow regular, individual lessons on a given instrument. ISB works with 22 independent professional musicians who offer lessons in flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, violin, viola, cello double bass, voice, piano, guitar and percussion.

Lesson year

The lesson year is divided into three trimesters.

Private lesson fees

Lessons for each trimester are not included in tuition fees.


Students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 2 may schedule their lessons during the school day. ES students may have lessons during the school day (during a lunch/recess period), though this is decided by the Head of the ES, student homeroom teacher and private lessons coordinator on a case by case basis. All MS and HS students may schedule their lesson during lunch or other study period and of course after school.


After the completion of one year’s study, each private lessons student will receive a Private Lessons Certificate in his/her name.

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