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Exam Results 2024

Latest results confirm ISB amongst 
the best international schools worldwide

At ISB, we value and celebrate student success without defining it solely around a final course result. Our students have access to personalised pathways which use the US High School Diploma as a base for all students with additional opportunities for further qualification through BTEC Courses, AP Courses, IB Courses, and the IB Diploma and Career-related Programmes. This flexibility offers all students the opportunity to pursue their passions while ensuring the doors to their desired future are open.

ISB believes in student autonomy and choice. For this reason, we offer a larger variety of course offerings than any other Belgian school and as an inclusive school, do not limit access to these courses or programmes. We are proud to offer the largest inclusive IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Belgium.

Consistently Above World Averages

We are delighted that each year 99-100% of our graduates achieve the US High School Diploma. On average, 95% of our students enrol in externally assessed courses and programmes including between 70+% of our graduating class each year who participates in the IB Diploma Programme. We are proud that our externally assessed courses and programme average scores are consistently above world averages!

Read below to learn more about the success of the class of 2024, including a summary of the IBDP, IBCP, BTEC and AP results, details on our graduates' post-secondary plans, as well as a breakdown of higher education university offers that the Class of 2024 received earlier this year. 

We proudly acknowledge the success of each one of our students as they move to life beyond ISB.

Examination Results 2024