Our Learning Story

We believe that everybody can learn.

We are committed to developing Independent Learners and International Citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged and successful.

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Our Learning Programme

Over the past few years, ISB has been at the centre of several major initiatives to re-imagine learning in a culture characterized by open knowledge systems, inclusive educational communities, and rapid social change.

ISB was the genesis school of The Common Ground Collaborative, a global network of schools founded upon a common definition of learning. Today, this three-fold definition frames the ISB learning experience for all students .

Conceptual Learning
This is happening when students are connecting new, potentially disruptive, knowledge to prior understanding and to important concepts; constructing and re-constructing theories of how things work and why things are the way they are; testing their evolving theories in different contexts to refine them so they have increased explanatory power and to see when, where and how they apply.

Competency Learning
This is happening when students are deconstructing expert performance and comparing it with their own; identifying the adjustments they need to make; and practicing a skill in order to refine it and make it increasingly automatic.

Character Learning
This is happening when students are considering what particular dispositions and values would ‘look like’ when applied in specific authentic contexts; acting as a result of these considerations; and reflecting on the effects of these actions.

Learners at ISB are empowered to embrace all aspects of learning defined above .
They are engaged in learning that is anchored in five interrelated research-based principles:

1. Learning is maximized when individuals own the process through personal relevance, choice, autonomy, and creation.
2. Learning involves ongoing construction of meaning through a constant cycle of inquiry, critical thinking, feedback, and reflection.
3. Learning is enhanced through connections, communication, and collaboration across diverse perspectives.
4. Learning in a rapidly changing landscape requires high levels of information fluency, media literacy, and technology integration.
5. Learning can best be transferred when it is embedded in authentic contexts and is used to address real-world issues in creative ways.

Learning Support

We believe in our Mission of inclusion.

We accept children with a broad range of learning and developmental disabilities.

We understand the complexity of providing support for students within this range and have a long term plan in place for offering what they will need.

Learning Innovation

We are preparing students for a world that will require innovative solutions to problems that we have yet to identify. Students will need to know how to devise creative responses to these challenges. The skills of creativity, problem-finding, problem-solving, design thinking, communication and innovation lie at the heart of ISB’s curriculum and will be key to this future.

We increasingly provide students with a range of opportunities to explore their learning through innovative technologies and cutting-edge facilities.

Learning Spaces

We believe that great learning demands great learning spaces.

We continue to build brilliant learning environments based on the principles of flexibility, visibility and community.

Each building is an integral element in a coherent and comprehensive plan to create a 'common ground campus', shaped by our vision for learning and community.

Learning Through Technology

We believe that appropriate technology use is an essential component of optimal learning environments.

Technology creates new teaching and learning opportunities that improve student understanding and contributes to an environment in which teaching and learning are learner centered, collaborative, and engaging.

We offer every student at ISB access to age-appropriate technologies. These technologies not only allow students to be independent in their progression but also successful and competitive in a technology-centred world outside ISB.

Language Learning

We believe that language learning is a key competency if our students are to be successful in a working world without borders, demonstrate empathy for others, and openness to multiple points of view.

We provide multiple opportunities for students to develop their proficiency in English (ELD), participate in a Home Language Programme, and learn a foreign language.

Service Learning

We believe in teaching our students how to contribute to society.

Service Learning at ISB is defined as a research-based learning method through which skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom are applied through planned action that addresses an authentic community need.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

We believe that learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

With the most extensive arts and athletics programme in Europe, a co-curricular programme that builds upon the themes of the Common Ground Curriculum, and new Summer activity and language camps, students enjoy access to all year round learning.

All students between Grades 3-9 enjoy residential field study trips in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy. These trips are a core part of the learning experience at ISB.

With a 40-acre Campus, set within the Forêt de Soignes, we are also uniquely positioned to offer outstanding outdoor learning opportunities in a safe, secure and spectacular environment.

Arts Athletics Co-Curricular

Preparing for Learning Beyond ISB

We believe that learning continues beyond ISB.

Our goal is that our graduating students move on to higher educational institutions that match their individual talents and personal interests.

The College and Careers department at ISB is dedicated to supporting students and parents through the process of higher education admissions by giving relevant, practical and timely information and advice.

Professional Learning

We believe in Lifelong Learning.

Research suggests that student learning increases when teachers are also learning. We therefore strive to provide opportunities for our teachers to engage in ongoing learning. These opportunities start with the innovative Mentoring Programme we offer novice teachers who start their careers at ISB.

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