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Choose Your Journey

At the International School of Brussels opportunity and interest intersect. Students come to our school from around the globe - with different interests and strengths - all to embark on a journey that lasts a lifetime. At ISB we believe that students are not defined by just one thing, but by all of their interests and ideas combined.

From the classroom, to the fields, to the theatre and music halls - we challenge our students to reach their potential by exploring and discovering all of their interests in new and exciting ways that will forever change their futures.

We believe in preparing our students for a rapidly changing world by creating the independent learners of tomorrow - ensuring that they truly own their learning process through personal relevance, choice, autonomy and creation. We support all students on their learning journey, going beyond the classroom and grades - to an experience that teaches them a love of learning which lasts a lifetime.  

The ISB learning journey welcomes students from preschool to grade 12. The school is divided into Lower School (Early Childhood Centre and Elementary School) and Upper School (Middle School and High School), each of which is specially designed to provide an environment in which students can engage, connect, innovate and be empowered.

We challenge our students to go further than they ever thought possible, to learn who they are and who they want to become. We empower students to be curious and to uncover their passions and find their voice. We encourage all learners to see the world in new ways, to connect with people near and far and to become a part of something bigger. 

Early Childhood Centre

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

The ISB Curriculum

As the world becomes more and more complex and the volume of knowledge increases exponentially, the traditional package of knowledge and skills will not be enough to guarantee a successful career and a flourishing life. An individual’s future will depend on their ability to keep their leading-edge skills and knowledge relevant. They will need to ask the questions that will find problems we do not yet know exist and generate new procedures to solve them. For our students, future success will require agility and adaptability. 



Learning in Action

Providing authentic windows into life and learning at ISB.



Beyond the Classroom

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom for all students. 

Developing International Citizens is an integral part of the ISB curriculum. We aim to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century. Our students learn to confidently bring their own perspectives to the world, while respecting different cultures and opinions.