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Two students sitting together at a table at the International School of Brussels

Learning at ISB

We believe that everybody can learn.

We are committed to developing Independent Learners and International Citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged and successful.


The ISB Learning Journey

The ISB learning journey supports students from preschool to grade 12. The school is divided into four Divisions, each of which is specially designed to provide an environment in which students can engage, connect, innovate and be empowered.


Early Childhood Centre

From preschool to grade 2, The ISB Early Childhood Centre provides a safe, nurturing environment for students to start to explore the literacies, enquiry and social skills that will be key to all future collaborative learning.

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Elementary School

From grade 3 to grade 6, in the Elementary School at ISB, we help students to learn to explore the world with curiosity, asking questions and developing skills in problem solving and interpretation necessary for a lifetime of enquiry-based learning.

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Middle School

From grade 7 to 9, the ISB learning experience in the Middle School is one in which, at a time of rapid intellectual and personal change, students strengthen their independent learning skills and begin to pursue specific learning interests.

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High School

From grade 10 to grade 12, the High School serves a diverse student body with many needs, talents, interests and futures with the most extensive range of International Baccalaureate course options of any international school in Brussels.

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Our Learning Principles

World-Class Student Support Services

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