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At the International School of Brussels, we are committed to providing a personalised learning experience for each child, ensuring that all our students find joy in learning and are given an opportunity to thrive. From the classroom to the fields, theatre, and music halls - we support and challenge our students to discover new passions and reach their potential. We offer a broad range of programmes and personal pathways that meet their needs and celebrate their unique voice and autonomy.

The ISB Learning Journey

At each stage of their journey, we empower students to be creative and innovative problem-solvers who help make the world a better place. Our school welcomes students from preschool to Grade 12.

Our Lower School is home to our Early Childhood Centre (ECC) and Elementary School (ES).

Our Upper School is home to our Middle School (MS) and High School (HS).

Early Childhood Centre

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

The ISB Curriculum

At ISB, we believe that our students can become leading innovators, designers, ambassadors, and problem-solvers. Our curriculum is designed to support them in developing what we refer to as ‘adaptive’ or ‘transferable’ expertise, providing them with the understanding, skills, and knowledge they will need to thrive in the face of an ever-changing future.

What is ‘adaptive’ expertise?

As the world becomes increasingly complex, our students will need to become agile and adaptable learners who are able to transfer their leading-edge skills and their knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations. Developing this expertise is crucial in ensuring that our students go on to be engaged, constructive citizens of the world with the skills to continue learning throughout their lives.

The ISB curriculum is reviewed in a regular cycle, drawing together the best from different national systems.

Each time we review a subject area, we analyse the latest research on teaching and learning in that area. We also examine different examples of national curricula in English for that subject area before selecting the one that best meets the needs of our international students.

This process ensures that we are using truly global examples to personalise our learning and prepare students for our Upper School Pathways and beyond.


Beyond the Classroom

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom for all students. 

Developing International Citizens is an integral part of the ISB curriculum. We aim to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century. Our students learn to confidently bring their own perspectives to the world, while respecting different cultures and opinions.