The Strategic Plan*



Our Plan for future improvements, based on feedback and conversations at all levels of the organization, is founded around four distinct areas of school life.

*with updates December 2015

Building Learning

New Jobs, New Learning

In response to the shifting nature of the world of work we will be offering new learning for new jobs in new technologies.


Courses have been added and upgraded in the Middle School in Engineering Design and Design.Code.Play to coincide with the school’s new design labs. A unit in Coding has been added to all Middle School maths levels. The High School has completed the introduction of Computer Science and is currently planning the launch of Design Technology in the near future.

Languages for Life

We plan a major transformation of our language programmes based on three connected initiatives: a school-wide shift to a dual language approach, vacation language camps and a comprehensive mother-tongue programme.


At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, summer language camps were once again offered in association with BELL. In partnership with CLL, we launched a pilot after-school Home Language programme for Elementary School students in Spanish, Arabic and Greek. This successful pilot is today providing the basis for a more extended programme for several languages and ages in 2015-2016 and beyond.

Leading the Learning Business

ISB will continue in its role as an international thought leader through its two global partnership projects, The Next Frontier: Inclusion (NFI) and The Common Ground Collaborative.


NFI is already a global project, working with over 100 schools. During the 2014-2015 school year, the Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) was established as a registered, separate, non-profit organization to be co-led by Kevin Bartlett following his departure from ISB in June 2015. Our school will, in perpetuity, remain the genesis school for the CGC and will enjoy special privileges within the global Collaborative.

Building Leadership

A Leader for ISB

We will choose a new ISB Director with the conceptual understanding, competencies and character necessary to lead ISB confidently to the next level in its evolution.


In February 2014, The Board of Trustees announced Mr. Lee Fertig as the new ISB Director. Lee took up the position in August 2015.


Student Leaders of Tomorrow

We will build the future leadership capacity of our students by providing multiple opportunities for them to lead today.


We are creating multiple opportunities for student leadership and innovation, including the recent Big Day Out in Brussels and Think Big events.

Teacher-Leaders Driving Change

We know that schools only improve with the committed energies and skills of multiple leaders throughout the organization. We are offering high-level leadership training for our faculty together with multiple, innovative opportunities for teacher leadership.


Teacher-Leaders are now trained for the role and are increasingly actively engaged in change management throughout the school.

Building A Community

Community Learning Institutes

We will continue to expand opportunities for students, teachers and parents to learn real world skills at shared events.


Community learning events, such as the Big Day Out in Brussels, Think Big, Student Professional Learning Institutes, as well as the World of Work Careers Day are now a regular feature of learning at ISB. They bring together parents, students, faculty and staff, and members of the school’s alumni community. In the Zone was the most recent example of such an event, building on the Think Big Day in 2014.

Home Language Programmes

We will better support each language community by providing learning in every student's 'home language'.


As mentioned above, our partnership with CLL is proving very productive. During the 2014-2015 school year we added after-school programmes in Spanish, and Arabic and Greek (See above: Languages for Life)

Leaving ISB

We will better support our departing community members as well as we do when they arrive.


The ISB Foundation and the Family Association, together with our own Admissions and Advancement Team, are working on a series of connected strategies around the theme of 'every departure and arrival' to make sure that, whenever students and their families leave ISB, everyone still feels part of the permanent ISB global community.

Completing our Community

We will add a crèche for our youngest community members and expand after school care.


A Day Care service, offered in partnership with Zein Childcare, opened in January 2015 and is already seen as a welcome addition to ISB's suite of services.

Building A Campus

Securing our Home

Our lead goal is to do everything we can to buy Kattenberg 19, the land on which ISB stands. This will be a momentous, historic achievement.


The Board has modified this plan for strategic reasons, seeing it as more advantageous to the ISB community to negotiate an extended lease on favourable terms, preserving capital for investment in the quality of learning and facilities for current and future students. Negotiations for a 99-year lease are ongoing.

During the 2015-2016 school year, the Board of Trustees adjusted this goal to also ensure that the Campus remains a secure environment for all members of the ISB community.  A number of upgrades have already been made to the the school's security strategy and plans are being drawn up to construct a perimeter fence.

Solving the Parking Problem

We will reduce the stresses and strains of mobility by building well-designed underground parking facilities.


Following carefully gathered feedback from parents and other stakeholders, the Board has modified this strategy. Rather than investing capital in parking facilities, the Board has established a multi-stakeholder working party to develop, pilot and implement a series of smaller, incremental measures designed to steadily manage the parking issues towards a solution without a sudden, difficult impact on any stakeholder group within our community.


Creating the Château Commons

The Château car park will be replaced by a green space enhancing the beauty of the Château des Fougères and providing a new space for the community to come together.


This goal may be affected by the approaches immediately above, so is currently on hold.


Transforming Elementary Facilities

Building on the success of our High School, we will begin to plan for a transformative new Elementary School building.


We are working to a full 10-Year Plan, including (towards the end of this plan) the construction of a new Elementary School. In the meantime, The Board approved the completion of the re-structuring of the Elementary School interior, following the pattern of the improvements already accomplished, which have had such a positive impact on the Elementary School learning environment.