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ISB Futures Spotlight - The Arts at ISB


#3 The Arts at ISB

Great schools can be measured by the level of dedication to its humanity. Communities are built upon and thrive in nurturing environments where the expression of artistic and aesthetic goals are embedded in the everyday lives of every student. ISB has made and continues to make great strides in identifying and developing these innate, human connections of every student who comes in contact with the arts in their daily lives. Very few schools can boast of this level of involvement and inclusion.

Looking to the future we plan to continue to develop challenging and substantial opportunities in every artistic learning and performance situation which will fully address the needs of every student’s level of ability. Our successes come not only in the form of lauded performances, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, from authentic growth of collaborative skills, self-esteem, meaningful communications, and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Art gives us many things, and ISB remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring our basic human values, so effectively demonstrated in arts education, remain paramount in an ISB education. These values continue to set us apart from other schools

Areas of particular focus for the 2021-22 school year will include:

  • Continuing to develop ARTS TV as a platform for arts performance and exposition

  • Expanding the breadth and depth of all arts related activities at all levels including drama, music and visual arts

  • Continuing to rethink and reëvaluate our potential for growth and our implementation of dynamic, challenging programs and areas of study to best serve our students.

Did you know?

  • In addition to our Black Box Theatre and our Drama Rehearsal Studio,  our state-of the art 323-seat Theatre, renovated in 2019, includes acoustic properties and audio-visual recording capabilities in-line with professional standards.
  • Our custom designed music rehearsal areas, also renovated in 2019, give all students the opportunity to experience critical listening techniques while enabling them to reach their fullest potential as a student musician.
  • In addition to our curricular-based classes, ISB offers private music lessons in more than 15 different instrumental areas. Currently more than 200 students take part in these activities.
  • Many students graduate from ISB to careers in the arts world-wide; Successful Composers, Arts Professors, Performers, Dancers, Actors, Sculptors, Painters, Theatre Technicians have all started their artistic journey at ISB.
  • All students who experience the Arts at ISB take with them the profound appreciation that the Arts provide, and in addition, self-advocacy, self-esteem, collaboration, team-building, communications, and aesthetic understanding - all of these elements and more remain deeply embedded in every ISB student.

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