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ISB Futures Spotlight - Academic data systems at ISB


#7 Academic data systems at ISB

We believe that every student - whether in need of support or challenge - is entitled to learn more, each and every day. Academic data systems across the school are key in helping us deliver personalised learning to each student from preschool to Grade 12.

At ISB, we use a balanced approach to data, seeking information from not just one isolated standardized source, but including classroom work, observations, and trends over time. Data informs our instructional choices, allowing educators to provide what students need next, when they need it, in order to best assist learners. Data also allows us to more effectively use our school resources to intervene and challenge those who are ready for that next step. In short, data allows us to evaluate our thinking about learners to ensure that our actions are based on evidence rather than wonderings.

Areas of development in this area across the school during the 2021-22 school year include:

  • Piloting a range of new tools that will allow us to better understand a student’s learning profile;
  • Bringing industry-standard analytics software (PowerBI) inhouse, giving us the ability to look at trends in MAP and IB data. This will help us to make informed adjustments, better ensuring that our students are challenged, included and successful.
  • Welcoming our new Director of Inclusion and Challenge, who will continue to develop these systems with a view to further personalising learning for all students at ISB.

Did you know?

  • We conduct standardised (MAP) testing in Maths and English twice a year. This provides us with a rich source of educational data about individual and group progress and attainment in these subject areas. At every grade level, we are above average compared to like European international schools.
  • We offer four distinct pathways for students in High School - IBDP, IBCP, BTEC, and the US High School Diploma - and the widest range of IB courses (72) of any school in Belgium. Our students consistently perform well above international averages in IB examinations.
  • From Kindergarten up, our students are engaged in curating evidence of their own learning and developing, reflecting on their growth and sharing it with their families in conferences.
  • Cognitive- and norm-based academic assessments across the school help inform instruction and track individual learning profiles.


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