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ISB Futures Spotlight - Being ‘One School’


#11 Being ‘One School’

ISB has evolved over many years to become recognized as one of the leading international schools in the world. As we have organically developed over time, each of our different school divisions has created developmentally appropriate systems and structures, but this has also led to a degree of disconnect between our four school “divisions”.

As we look ahead to a new phase of our school’s development, we feel it is important to improve connections between each area of the school, creating stronger alignment and ensuring even smoother transitions for students.

With this in mind, areas of focus and development next school year will include:

  • An ‘Upper School’ and ‘Lower School’ approach, enhancing connections between key groups including leadership, counsellors, and curriculum planning;
  • Roll-out of a common educational learning platform (Apple) across the whole school;
  • A whole-school “newsletter” that brings together in one place, all relevant information for families;
  • Enhancing student transitions between different sections of the school. For example, the Assistant Head of High School will be directly and strategically involved in the shared task of managing the transition between grades 9 and 10; 
  • Increased collaboration and sharing of ideas and resources between sections of the school.


Did you know?

  • ISB was originally founded by volunteers from the American Women’s Club of Brussels in 1951. The school has been on its current site since 1953. At that point, classes were held in the Chateau.

  • Whilst each section of the school reflects the growth and evolution of the school over time, each of the buildings has been specially adapted to support current best practices in teaching and learning. ISB has invested 54 million Euros over the last 15 years in campus infrastructure improvements.

  • In the concluding remarks of the school’s most recent accreditation Report in 2019, it was noted that the school’s “greatest resource is not its buildings nor its grounds, magnificent as they may be. It is not the stunningly beautiful chateau nor the state-of-the-art HS building. It is what goes on in those buildings and the people that inhabit them that makes ISB such a unique place.”


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