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ISB Futures Spotlight - ISB Activities and Summer Programme


#8 ISB Activities and Summer Programme

At ISB we believe extracurricular activities are extensions of the school day. They provide authentic opportunities for our students to experience, grow and learn. The ISB learning principles that guide academic learning are closely connected to activities and provide a framework to enrich and extend our curriculum afterschool.

A wide range of activities are available, throughout the school year, to all students from Preschool to grade 12. Activities are spread across 5 themes: Arts, Language, Think & Create, Active and Outdoor.

Our areas of focus for ISB activities are: 

  • Connection and wellbeing 
  • Developing world-ready skills
  • Student leadership 
  • Challenge and extension
  • Home language support
  • Inclusion and accessibility 

In addition to our after school programme, around 400 students from ISB and local schools will enjoy an action-packed summer on campus in July and August. Summer@ISB involves the popular Language and Activity camps, which are partnered with CLL Language school, Sports camps run by professional sport development clubs, and a Theatre Camp, in which students create and direct their own performance on the ISB stage at the end of the week.

Areas of development in this area across the school during the 2021-22 school year include:

  • Piloting a range of Challenge Activities to support those students looking for extension in certain areas of study;
  • Developing scope and sequence in quality dance activities in the lower divisions; 
  • Expanding the range of inclusive activities, supported by student leadership roles;
  • Developing local partnerships with experts; 
  • Returning to in-person demonstrations of learning that celebrate student participation and achievement.

Did you know?

  • Our ISB Plus fencing instructor is a French National Champion.
  • Some of our local activity partnerships include a Brussel Taekwondo Academy, VUB Swimming Pool, VUB Science department and an Independent Drama Studio.
  • In a normal year, we have around 2500 registrations for ISB Plus activities over the 3 seasons.
  • There are 70 different ISB Plus activities offered over the 3 seasons, with an average of 50 different activities per season.
  • 40 ISB employees are involved in leading activities for students.