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Chateau Marble Gallery

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The Marble Gallery room is located at the back entrance of the Chateau, where life and learning at ISB are celebrated through several exhibitions throughout the school year. 

Travel Photography Exhibition
6 November - 29 November 2019

Together with ISB International Festival, coming up on 23 November, we would like to celebrate our international community. The Travel Photography Exhibition displays fantastic photos and stories from travels around the world submitted by current students, parents and employees. These trip photos are featured in the Marble Gallery from the 6 November to 29 November.
Do not miss the occasion of exploring our big world!

If you have any ideas for an exhibition in the Marble Gallery, please contact us!

Exhibition History


Digital Citizenship

The Digital Citizenship Exhibition
17 Sep - 10 October 2019
Digital Citizenship is a way of thinking, being and acting online. It’s thinking critically (and not trusting everything you see). It’s being safe with your information and who you connect with. It’s acting responsibly in how you communicate and behave.

This exhibit offers an overview of the Digital Citizenship curriculum taught to students grade K-12 throughout the school year. Via interactive activities, the exhibit engages the visitor with some of the important topics belonging to the curriculum’s 6 categories. Explore, participate and consider how you will carry on the responsibility of a Digital Citizen.



Fragility Exhibition
From 5 June 2019

After being displayed at the World Bank Brussels premises in February, the 'Fragility' exhibition arrives to the Marble Gallery in the ISB Chateau. Students of all ages, from ECC to HS, created their interpretation of fragility on A5 postcards. The installation in the Marble Gallery invites the community to continue the work and create your own postcard representing Fragility using the blank postcards and art materials available in the space. Stop by to create your artwork and add it to the growing wall.

ISB Retirees Tribute

ISB Retirees Tribute Exhibition
6 - 29 May 2019
The Retirees Tribute Exhibition celebrates the work and legacy of ISB colleagues who are retiring at the end of the school year 2018/19. Their professionalism and commitment is celebrated by the memories of ISB students, alumni, and colleagues, all collected in personal booklets. The annual Former Faculty & Staff Group Spring Cocktail will officially launch this tribute exhibition on the 8th of May from 16:30-18:30, welcoming the new retirees in the Alumni community.

The Storytelling

The Storytelling Exhibition
20 March - 24 April 2019
The Storytelling Exhibition highlights the collaboration of work between Elementary and High School students on the art of storytelling. From concept to final product, the exhibit displays 13 exciting stories to listen to (recorded by student author) or read. The protagonist or hero of each story was created by grade 3 and Intensive Learning Support students, while the stories were written by grade 10 students, as part of the ES and HS English Curriculum activities. Each story is complete with illustrations made by the HS students authors, either via drawings or digital tools.  Enter the world of storytelling and jump into these fantastic adventures! 

What happens when 3 graders imagine a character and 10 graders create a story around it?

Eye on I

"Eye to I" Exhibition
7 Jan - 4 Mar 2019

Self-portraiture continues to stand the test of time in visual art. A seemingly simple task of representing oneself is layered in complexities of how we view ourselves, our physical and emotional state, choice of media and the relationship between ourselves and the viewer. As people are confronted each day with “selfies” via social media and students at ISB are in the process of forming their own sense of identity, we look at how students represent themselves through visual art. The "EYE to I" exhibition features student artwork from ECC through to HS. Some process behind the work is featured alongside finished pieces to reflect and celebrate the ongoing construction of identity and learning.

"Eye to I" curators

Visual Arts Exhibition curators:

Elizabeth Capelin | Christine de Lannoy-Clervaux | Heneghan Pearl | Paul Langtree | Leagh Mullins | 

The Internationalism

The Internationalism Exhibition
7 November - 2 December 2018


Inspired by the International Festival, the Internationalism Exhibit explores how our ISB Community is diverse in its cultural backgrounds, languages, emotions and ways to define “home”. Come and discover this richness through the words and eyes of some of our ISB students, parents and employees, presented with beautiful photo portraits. And what better way to celebrate internationalism by pinning your home on a large world map?


Really Inspiring.
I liked to be able to connect with some of the stories.

Grade 6 students

What Should School Be For?

What Should School Be For?  
7 Feb - 8 Mar 2019

What Should School Be For? Fuelled by the ISB-organised major event -- Learning by Design, this exhibition intends to feature the answers of students, parents, faculty, and school administrators to this simple yet complex question. For the next month a large display will feature these reflections on colourful cards. Do not miss the opportunity to tell us what you think! Pass by the Chateau, and hang your answer! 

Student Curatorial Programme

ISB Student Curatorial & Art Loan Programme Exhibit

26 September - 2 November 2018

The ISB Student Curatorial & Art Loan Programme Exhibition presents fantastic student artworks, selected among 400 items and related to Illustration, Graphic Design and Portraiture. The items displayed in the Chateau Marble Gallery are open to be loaned to ISB employees up to 1 school year. 

Embellishing the workspace, office or classroom, while enhancing student art curatorial skills