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Learning by Design 2019 was more than an event. It was a call to re-imagine the way schools facilitate learning in a culture characterised by open knowledge systems, inclusive educational communities, and rapid social change.
In February 2019, we considered together the following questions: 
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14-16 February 2019 • International School of Brussels • Belgium



The Learning by Design journey continues...

Learning by Design 2019 took place on 14-16 February 2019 and was another milestone in our journey as more than 500 educators, school administrators, learning partners and industry experts came back together to celebrate our successes and consider some of the challenges that we have faced along the way. 

New for 2019! Learning by Design Pre-conferences
We learned what ISB was doing in each of these areas of school life | We met and discussed with other professional colleagues | We previewed the main conference and began to consider what it meant to re-imagine these areas of school life | We planned time to re-connect through the conference to track our learning journey.
Advancement by Design
Inclusion by Design
Learning Spaces by Design
Wellbeing by Design

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