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The Learning by Design Manifesto

Re-imagining school requires a commitment to changing culture, courageously challenging old assumptions, and a willingness to play with and test new ideas - even if they fail. Here's how Learning by Design 2019 worked.

Learning by Design is intentional

Moderated conversations will take us back to where we started in 2017; helping us to reflect on what has happened since, clarify where we actually want to go, and how we are going to get there. Imagine a roadmap to the event, and beyond.
Learning by Design embraces diverse perspectives

If we are going to get there, there are some big questions along the way that we need to wrestle with and not hide from. There may not be an easy answer to any of them, but we owe it to our students to tackle some of these issues head on. Expert facilitators will offer us their perspectives on key issues and, even if we don't agree, we will at least be clearer about where we all stand.

Learning by Design can accelerate change
In conversations with you, we've already identified some of the issues that have a transformative impact on student learning. Lifeworthy learning. Student agency. Wellbeing. Project Based Learning. School culture. Authentic assessment. These are some of the issues that, we believe, will accelerate us to a future in which our students are truly engaged, connected, innovative and empowered - prepared for a future beyond school.

Learning by Design is active and inclusive

We've built into the experience some opportunities for students, educators, school administration and staff, parents, and trustees to capture their learning, test out new ideas on others, and begin to articulate the next chapter in their own learning story. Active participation at this event is an expectation, not an option.