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Saturday, 23 November
10:00 - 16:00
ISB Gyms

The 44th annual International Festival, the extraordinary community event celebrating ISB’s cultural diversity, will be on Saturday, 23 November! Hundreds of ISB families from around the globe will be serving traditional food and drinks from their home countries and cultures, and will be organising games, activities and performances as well. Come for lunch, or even better, stay all day, and join in this unique celebration of the international colours, sounds, tastes and experiences that make ISB so special.

Attention: Please note that there will be no parking on campus. Please check the Parking tab below for more information and the Shuttle bus schedule.


New this year!

Every year, we look back and reflect on what could be done better to ensure that everyone's experience of the International festival is as enjoyable as possible.
That's why we decided to adopt the use of ISB payment tokens to use for all purchases made during the International Festival. Anyone can purchase these tokens at designated machines which will be placed at the entrance of the Festival. 
The token machines will be set up by Wednesday, 20 November in the Community Lounge (Annex). Tokens are sold per quantity of 5; so purchase 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. tokens at the time using your bank card or cash (paper bills).


How to get involved?


Become a Volunteer

Come and help us in creating the festival atmosphere on Friday, 22 November. Help us coordinate various activities on Saturday, 23 November, in the Parade, FA Booth, Raffle Booth etc.


Festival Parade

Participate in the Festival Parade, wearing national costume/colours.
The Parade starts at 11:00, please line up by 10:30 outside on the walkway.


Donate Items

Donate Items for the Raffle Booth and Silent Auction, such as Flight Tickets, Traditional piece of Art, Elegant Accessories, Mobile Phones, Wireless Headsets, Famous Toy Sets for Kids, Holiday Packages are welcome for the silent auction.
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Please contact us! We are glad to hear from you for any information request you may have.