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Distance Learning in Action 2019-20


Below are just some of the remarkable stories of learning that we should celebrate. They are examples of students and teachers adapting to a changing environment, as well as expressions of community that is unique to ISB. We regularly update this page. So stay tuned! 
Have a wonderful Summer Break!

As the summer break starts, we hope that everyone can take time to relax and recharge. We cannot wait to welcome our community back on campus in August.
We would love to end the school year with this beautiful musical performance of hope, unity, and community.
197 students and 9 teachers came together to create the largest ever musical project that includes all three musical areas (Strings, Voice and Band), and three divisions (ES, MS and HS) performing "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers.

  • 2019/20
  • Arts
Private music lessons at ISB during Distance Learning

Traditionally, many of our music students follow extra lessons after school to get in some extra practice time to improve their skills. During Distance learning, these lessons continued virtually.
‘It has been great for most of my students to continue playing their instrument during the Distance learning period while receiving individual feedback and progressing on their repertoire. Keeping the musical connection during this period has helped them stay engaged, challenged and motivated.’

  • Performing Arts
Community voices: Yoko, ES Parent & FA Arts Council member

Yoko talks to us about her family's experience with confinement and Distance Learning and the impact the ISB Family Association had on her wellbeing.
"My daughter has learned autonomy, the power to flourish on her own. I now know the power of stepping back."

  • 2019/20
  • ES
HS Virtual Graduation

This school year has been anything but normal for us all. Our graduating students faced unique challenges as all their expectations and dreams turned upside down.
Even though we couldn't hold a traditional Graduation Ceremony for our graduates, they had the opportunity to attend a Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, 14 June, our graduating students.

  • HS
  • ISB News Spring/Summer 2020

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Arts in Times of Quarantine

During this time of limited activity we’re very happy to offer you these many artistic outlets where you can experience any number of musical, theatrical, and visual representations of so many art forms! Enjoy!

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