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Our Students

At ISB, we are proud to celebrate internationalism every day. With students from over 69 different nationalities, we care about fostering a community of independent learners and international citizens of the world.
Our students are at the core of everything we do as a school, and we believe in supporting and empowering each child to discover who they are, how they can thrive, and what mark is theirs to make in the world. We are all on a learning journey together - one that starts with the student and extends far beyond the classroom walls - and it is our mission to ensure every child feels truly included, challenged, and successful every day they come to learn at ISB.


European students


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Student Community Engagement

All students in the High School participate in a robust Community Engagement Programme where, in addition to providing on campus support for events and activities, each student volunteers on a regular basis in the local community. An average weekend involves at least 60 students actively volunteering with our community partners. The community partners fall into roughly 7 categories: homeless, refugees, disadvantaged children, individuals with additional needs, low-income families, animal welfare, and environmental projects.



Our Parents

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