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Our Parents

Our parents are a vital part of the ISB community and we value the close collaboration we share with them. We believe they are invaluable partners in the success of our students. Our families are also actively involved in many aspects of school life, and we are grateful to all our parent volunteers for supporting us in creating such a warm and diverse community of families at ISB.


Nationalities represented amongst our ISB parents in 2020


ISB parents have been a part of our community for more than 5 years


International Festivals have been celebrated already at ISB


Parents are part of our Family Association Operations Team

‘The Family Association's mission is to support families, to build the community, and to just have fun!’

ISB Family Association

As soon as your child becomes a student at ISB, your family becomes part of the ISB Family Association (FA). Led by parents in our community, the FA has a mission to build a well-informed school community where all families are welcomed, all families are encouraged to participate, and all nationalities are celebrated.
The FA hosts a number of activities and events throughout the year to connect, engage, and support our community. One of the biggest community events on the ISB calendar is the annual International Festival. This special event is a celebration of people, cultural diversity and internationalism. In 2023, we celebrated our 45th International Festival, representing 40 nations through a variety of booths, performances, music, and games.

Upcoming Events

Vinyasa Yoga Classes
ICC Yoga Studio
FA Language Class
Chateau Loft I
FA Language Class
Chateau Loft I
International Festival - Japanese Performance Rehearsal
HS 309
FA Group Fitness Class
ICC Dance & Yoga studios

Our Students

Our Alumni