An Update for ISB Alumni Visitors:

As of January 2018, with new security protocols in place on campus, we strongly encourage all returning alumni to let the Alumni Office know the time and date of your visit. This way, we can add you to the visitor log and security will expect you. Unannounced visits are, of course, still possible, but please be aware that visitors who arrive without an appointment will be granted entry onto campus only once their identity as a member of the ISB alumni community can be confirmed.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you!

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Our Alumni

ISB welcomes back graduates, former students, past parents and former faculty almost every day of the year, from all corners of the world. Our alumni community is truly global and we aim to stay in touch via communications and events with as many of our alumni as possible. We work closely with active alumni and Class Representatives to support alumni gatherings in many locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

If you are an ISB alum, (former student, parent, or faculty/staff member), we invite you to become a part of our online alumni network that will give you access to class lists, the Class Reps list, the alumni digital archive (yearbooks, newsletters, photos, and videos), dates for upcoming alumni events around the world, information about the alumni programme, details for planning a visit back to campus, and more!

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Alumni Updates

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Alumni News

Message from the Director - Spring 2018

Sustaining the Relationship Between Alumni and Our Host Community

In the two most recent issues of ISB Today, Lee Fertig shared a his own personal experience with the important concept of legacy and briefly discussed the way in which we hope to enhance alumni engagement in general. In this issue, Lee would highlights how features of both - the personal approach and strategic engagement - can intentionally be brought together to positively impact our alumni.

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ISB Night 2018: Investing in our Children - Learning, Teaching, Campus

ISB alumni are warmly invited to join parents, faculty and other community members at ISB Night 2018. This annual gala and dinner will take place on Saturday, 21 April at Brussels' historic Concert Noble. The evening features silent and live auctions, all in support of ISB, to ensure that our students have access to the best resources and learning experiences.

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Introducing Teaching and Learning Coaching at ISB

Written by Kristin Heglund '97, Teaching and Learning Coach and Middle School ELD teacher

In August 2016, a new programme for professional development was launched at ISB: the Teaching and Learning Coaching programme. Teaching and learning coaching (also known as instructional coaching) is a practice that's gaining popularity in schools all over the world, based on research into what is the most successful model for continuous adult professional development.

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Applying Best Practice in Education to Alumni Engagement

Director Lee Fertig speaks about making meaningful' connection and the best approach to alumni engagement. We can take a lesson from what we know about pedagogy and learning in general - especially here at ISB. That is, a one-size-fits-all model simply doesn't work and, instead, we need to differentiate our approach with the understanding that each former ISBer is unique and approaches the connection with the school in very personal ways.

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Find ISB Alumni Anywhere in the World With the New AlumnISB App!

This fall, the ISB Alumni Office launched the mobile version of our alumni network - the AlumnISB app. You can use the AlumnISB app to see ongoing updates from alum, search the alumni directory, check out recent event albums and upcoming events, send messages to other alum, and find other ISB alum all over the world wherever you are by using the "Near Me" function. This function can only be found on the app.

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Find Your Class Year Facebook Group!

Staying connected with former classmates, faculty, staff, and ISB families is what the ISB Alumni Programme is all about. We want you to stay in touch with as many ISB alumni as possible! So over the past few months, we've compiled links to Facebook group pages for as many ISB classes and groups we could find and put them in one spot to help you to stay even more connected to the ISB Alumni Family.

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A Busy Fall of ISB Alumni Gatherings

Over the last several years, more and more members of the ISB alumni community have been coming together to connect with each other and the school today at alumni gatherings, both here in Brussels and abroad. This fall has been no exception and, between a number of events held on campus, individual alumni visits to school, and a phenomenal gathering in Washington, DC, it's been our pleasure to connect with more than 230 former students, past parents, and former ISB teaching and support staff this fall.

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ISB News

Hens at ISB

We started housing hens on our campus that come from Verts de Terre, a rescue farm in Overijse where some students volunteer as part of the High School CAS programme.

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Alumni Spotlight

An interview with Delphine Schrank '97, Author and Investigative Journalist

Delphine Schrank, an ISB alumna who graduated in 1997, is the author of The Rebel of Rangoon; A Tale of Defiance and Deliverance in Burma. Delphine followed a group of pro-democracy activists in Burma/Myanmar for 4 years (from 2008 to 2012), at first as a foreign correspondent for the Washington Post. A time when Burma was closed to foreign journalists, Delphine spent these years underground reporting alongside the activists as they struggled to free their country.

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