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The most significant indicator in student achievement can be traced directly back to the quality of teachers. Our ISB Faculty and Staff are committed to seeing each of our students succeed. Our employees bring passion, professionalism and our core ISB values each day to their work.


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Faculty members representing 23 nationalities

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Frances Bekhechi, former Early Childhood Center and Elementary School teacher at International School of Brussels

“ ISB has been the focal point of my life for over 30 years, as a parent and as a teacher. It’s where I watched my three children grow into the people they are today, where I’ve enjoyed working with wonderful students from around the world, and where I have had the privilege of collaborating with amazing colleagues who have also become life-long friends. I have such warm memories of my students from over the years, and it’s very touching to think that they also remember their teachers with fondness. ”

- Frances Bekhechi, former ECC and ES teacher and also 2015-2016 Award recipient of the James Sidgwick Teacher Recognition Award

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