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Meet Drew Zaremba, Class of 2009
Aléxia Da Silva Matos

Currently teaching Jazz Composition and Arranging at the University of Colorado, Drew Zaremba is a multi-talented musician and professor whose connection to ISB travels back to as early as 2004.

Drew Zaremba is a multi-talented musician and professor whose connection to ISB travels back to as early as 2004, when he began his studies at our school.

Currently teaching Jazz Composition and Arranging at the University of Colorado, Drew enjoys worldwide reputation as an award-winning writer and fiery performer. In this spotlight, he shares some of his motivators and inspirations, as well as some helpful advice to young students who wish to pursue a career in Performing Arts.

Drew explains that his motivation to become an artist is the result of his love for music combined with the encouragement he received from his teachers, mentors and family.

"I've always had a love for music, but I was always encouraged by my teachers, mentors, and family to nurture my love and turn it into a skill that I can make a career out of!"

Drews inspiration for his current work comes from a wide range of musical sources:

"Jazz has such a rich history to draw from. Recently I've been really enjoying music from Brazil, and studying many of the different rhythms and grooves that come from there and incorporating them into my music when possible."

Drew's experience at ISB was a significant factor in his development as an artist and teacher. The school provided him with numerous opportunities to write, perform, and thrive.

"Between Dr. Delson, Ms. Stock-Chapin, Ms. Smith, and many other inspirational figures along the way, I was given so many opportunities to write, perform, and thrive. They helped me to build my skills and confidence as a musician and a teacher."

When asked about his advice for young students who want to pursue a career in the Arts, Drew emphasizes the importance of finding something you love and studying it in-depth. He advises:

"Go DEEP into something you love! There is so much available to listen/see/read, but once you find something that resonates with you, don't be afraid to ignore everything else for a short time to really study and absorb and analyze WHY you love what you love. This helps build your base of knowledge that you can build from rather than trying to learn everything all at once. Fundamentals are really important! Stay open minded! Find a mentor and trust them."

It is true that Drew's experience at ISB contributed to his development as an artist and teacher, but his love for music, dedication to learning have been instrumental in his career path. Drew's journey is an inspiring example of how passion, hard work and guidance can help you achieve achieve your potential.

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