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Home away from home

For 70 years ISB has been the home to many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We are proud to have such a warm, inclusive and welcoming community of students, parents, teachers, staff and alumni. It is their dedication, commitment and involvement that makes the ISB Community what it is today.

Our Students

Our students come from over 62 different nationalities, helping us celebrate internationalism on a daily basis, and allowing for many learning opportunities. Each year, our graduates move on to life after ISB. Find out more about the world-class schools and universities that are part of their next chapter.






different nationalities


European students


North American students


Asian students

Our Parents

At ISB we truly believe that it takes a team behind each successful student, composed of the student, the teacher and importantly the parents. We also understand that it is not easy to enter a new school, a new system and even often a new country - so we do everything we can to ensure that you feel welcome to the community at once.

ISB Family Association

As soon as your child becomes a student at ISB, your family becomes part of the ISB Family Association (FA). Led by parents in our community, the FA has a mission to build a well-informed school community where all families are welcomed, all families are encouraged to participate, and all nationalities are celebrated. The FA hosts many activities and events throughout the year to connect, engage and support our community.


Nationalities represented amongst our ISB parents in 2020


ISB parents have been a part of our community for more than 5 years


International Festivals have been celebrated already at ISB


Parents are part of our Family Association Operations Team

Our Teachers

At ISB we believe that the most significant indicator in student success can be traced directly back to the quality of teachers. In fact, at ISB this is at the very core of what we do. Over the years we have created a diverse and talented community of learning leaders in our school, and we are proud to say that once these learning leaders are part of the community, they tend to stay.


Our Alumni

With a legacy of welcoming students, families, teachers and staff to the ISB family, we are proud to be represented around the world by a diverse and multi-generational alumni community.



“To this day, I cherished my lifelong ISB connection. I also enjoy an even greater respect for the teachers who were my role models. I look back at my time at ISB as a collaboration within the entire community. The parent volunteers, the staff, the administration, and fellow classmates make ISB a remarkable institution. I wear my ISB experience with immense pride.” 

JIM TURNER, Class of 1982

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