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Arts TV at International School of Brussels

From the creativity and imagination of our ISB Artists, this is the place for art and performance. See, hear, and witness ISB student artists as they imagine, create, and present. Tune in regularly for a wide selection of the incredible artistic work happening all over our campus. You’re watching ArtsTV at ISB.

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Right Track by Tom Vercnocke '16

Tom is currently recording actor-musician inspired instrumental performances. This video is Right Track by Adam Hopper (Snare Drum). ISB was instrumental in his career choice (pun intended). The Performing Arts Department gave him incredible opportunities as a young adult. All of this experience helped him in preparing for drama school and beyond.

Watch video about Right Track by Tom Vercnocke '16

All of the filming for ArtsTV was made in accordance with the current distancing and hygiene requirements of the school.