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Arts TV at International School of Brussels

From the creativity and imagination of our ISB Artists, this is the place for art and performance. See, hear, and witness ISB student artists as they imagine, create, and present. Tune in regularly for a wide selection of the incredible artistic work happening all over our campus. You’re watching ArtsTV at ISB.

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Chiaroscuro - Advanced Orchestra Senior Concert '24

Chiaroscuro, meaning "light-dark" in Italian, is a technique in art characterized by the dramatic interplay of light and shadow. For this concert we transported the Chiaroscuro concept into music, by exploring the delicate dance of shadows and light in human expression through the voices of some of the greatest composers in music history. This concert also celebrated our graduating Senior, Thomas.

Watch video about Chiaroscuro - Advanced Orchestra Senior Concert '24
Music Without Boundaries - Upper School Winter Concert '23

This performance celebrates the unifying power of music with a repertoire that transcends geographical borders - weaving together stories, emotions, and traditions. We travel from the Americas to the African savannah, experiencing the rhythmic beats of jazz, the soulful tunes of blues, the heartfelt melodies of folk, and the grandeur of classical compositions. 

Watch video about Music Without Boundaries - Upper School Winter Concert '23

All of the filming for ArtsTV was made in accordance with the current distancing and hygiene requirements of the school.