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Learning Beyond the Classroom

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom for all students.

Preparing Students for the Challenges of the 21st Century

Developing International Citizens is an integral part of the ISB curriculum. Our students learn to confidently bring their own perspectives to the world, while respecting different cultures and opinions.

As our driving Mission, ISB is dedicated to developing skilled, independent learners equipped to be successful in a working world without borders. We are equally dedicated to developing learners with a strong sense of empathy for others and an openness to multiple points of view.

A wide range of sports to build skills and character

Sports has been an integral part of ISB since its founding. ISB Athletics started in the late 1950s and today the programme has grown into one of Europe’s largest and most respected athletics programmes: ISB student athletes have won over 100 ISST Championship titles. At the heart of this programme is a commitment to providing all ISB students the opportunity to compete and develop their skills in a wide range of sports.


We all Have a Capacity for Creativity

At ISB, we believe in the creative learner. Humans have always expressed their interpretations of the world through a rich range of creative media. The arts can influence societal development by challenging commonly held perspectives with creative ideas.

ISB Plus

To enable all students to discover their passions outside of the classroom we have created ISB Plus, our after school co-curricular activities programme which directly supports the school's Mission.