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From the creativity and imagination of our ISB Artists, this is the place for art and performance. See, hear, and witness ISB student artists as they imagine, create, and present. Tune in regularly for a wide selection of the incredible artistic work happening all over our campus. You’re watching ArtsTV at ISB.

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Pixel Streams by Gabriel José Bolaños '03

At ISB, Gabriel studied music theory, analysis, midi-production, guitar, harmony and counterpoint. He studied music at Columbia University, and obtained a PhD in Music Theory and Composition at UC Davis. He teaches courses in composition, analysis, acoustics, and music technology at Arizona State University. This piece was commissioned by Roberto Alonso Trillo, Hong Kong Baptist University and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble for the 2020 New Music, New Paths call for proposals.

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London Jazz Festival (2022) by Matthew Gedrych '12

Matthew plays with Emma-Jean Thackray in a live performance for the 2022 London Jazz Festival. He is working as a musician and bass player based in London. He plays with a few different artists and I runs a few of his own projects.


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Elda Suite °2: «Suite Mignonne» by Casimir Liberski '06

Casimir Liberski ReTRio is a throwback in more than one way. 20 years after its formation in 2002, Casimir Liberski (piano), Janos Bruneel (double bass) and Jerôme Colleyn (drums) are reunited to present their very personal blend of atypical, avant-pop jazz with uniquely retro undertones.

Watch video about Elda Suite °2: «Suite Mignonne» by Casimir Liberski '06

All of the filming for ArtsTV was made in accordance with the current distancing and hygiene requirements of the school.