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Buses at the International School of Brussels

ISB Bus Service

The ISB bus service remains the most popular and recommended mode of transport for our students travelling between home and school each day.  With more than 25 buses, serving routes towards most parts of the city and surrounding areas, the benefits are clear.

Here are five things you should know:




Open to all

The service is open to all students in grades K to 12/13. Pre-K children with older siblings are also permitted to ride the bus.*




Safe & reliable

 A team of trained, responsible bus monitors are placed on all buses, led by the school’s Student Safety Officer.




We keep you updated

We let you know when things change. SMS notifications are sent to parents in the event of traffic delays or disruptions to the service.




Free late bus

A late bus service is offered, free of charge, to all Middle and High School students along major routes to key transport hubs. 




An affordable mobility solution

The school is committed to providing quality mobility solutions to families at an affordable price.


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Please note: Some streets cannot be accessed by our buses due to local Commune traffic restrictions or other access issues. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee a door-to-door service. In some areas, stops are also established to serve several families living in the same street or neighbourhood. For more information, contact our bus team.