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ISB has a long-standing commitment to internationalism, inclusion, tolerance, and diversity. Teaching social justice, teaching active anti-racism, teaching the importance of standing up for the human rights of all peoples, are essential aspects of who we are as a school.
The challenges of a global pandemic have led us to have to work in new ways. We have seen the impact on the planet and on each other. We have also witnessed the continuing pernicious challenges of social injustice, racism and oppression more starkly from our places of relative privilege and confinement.
Cornelius Minor, our Learning by Design colleague, has said: “The ‘normal’ we knew [before] left far too many people in the margins. People talk as if that was a ‘Golden Age.’ It wasn’t. I do not want to return to ‘normal’; I want to return to ‘better.’”
Rather than simply expressing our revulsion at ongoing structural discrimination and violent oppression around the world and our need to do better, the ISB Leadership Team is committed to action. We are carefully considering the ways in which we can all do better and enhance our commitment to social justice as a school. We are listening to the voices of our students and faculty to explicitly further our work on teaching for social justice, anti-racism and inclusion.
In addition to conversations that have been and are taking place between students and teachers and a clear statement that we are making as a school, we are also committed to providing expert facilitation and support in extending our current work to create a more comprehensive social justice programme next year and beyond. We do some good work in this area already. We are determined to do more.
We are committed to the values of who we are as an inclusive school and an international community.
We look forward to having these conversations together with you.
We all need to return to better.
The ISB Leadership Team
5 June 2020