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Assisted Places Programme

As an international school, ISB exists to serve the educational needs of families whose employment brings them to Brussels and who wish their children to have an English-language education.

The Assisted Places Programme is primarily designed to support families who experience a change of personal circumstances and financial hardship during their time at ISB.


What is the Assisted Places Programme?

It is a system of financial assistance whereby the tuition fees are reduced by a certain percentage each year. Normally that percentage does not exceed fifty percent.

The reduction covers the tuition fees only.

If families choose to use the school bus system, these costs must be met in full. The level of financial assistance is reviewed annually.

Who is eligible to apply for an assisted place?

A. Families with children already at ISB who enjoyed an Assisted Place in one of the previous school years.

B. Families with children already at ISB who experience an unforeseen significant change of financial circumstances, resulting in an inability to meet the full costs of tuition.

C. New families applying to ISB for the first time, who fulfil each of the following criteria:

• there are strong reasons for the child(ren) to receive an English-speaking international schooling;
• the employer(s) for whom the family works is not in a financial position to meet (directly or indirectly) the cost of school tuition fees;
• the family's income, savings and assets are insufficient to cover the tuition fees in full.

How do I apply?

All applicants for an assisted place must complete the Assisted Place application form below, attaching all of the supporting materials detailed on this form. New families must send in their application for an assisted place together with the application form for school admission and application fee.

When should I apply?

As soon as possible. We do consider applications throughout the year, but there is a set annual budget that diminishes as applications are granted. Once that budget is exhausted we can offer no more places in that year.

NOTE: Applications from new families will not be accepted once a student has been admitted by the school unless there is a proven change in financial circumstances.

Who decides about my application?

The Assisted Places Committee is made up of members of the school's senior management team. The committee meets on a regular basis to consider applications for an assisted place. In reaching their decision they:

• look closely at the family's circumstances in order to ensure that they meet the three criteria listed above;
• apply an objective financial formula to calculate the percentage of financial assistance to be offered;
• adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality.

As soon after the meeting as is practicable the school will send you their decision in writing.

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