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ISB Tuition & Fees

ISB is a not-for-profit school and its running costs are covered by tuition fees. These are set each year by the school's Board of Trustees.

Fee Schedule 2021-22

Preschool 18,825 Euro
Pre-Kindergarten 20,855 Euro
Kindergarten 31,465 Euro
Grades 1 & 2 33,885 Euro
Grades 3-6  34,500 Euro
Grades 7-9  38,265 Euro
Grades 10-12 40,625 Euro
Intensive Learning Support 20,655 Euro plus grade level fees
The following services are included in the tuition fees:

All curricular activities, including class field trips (including overnight trips)


All educational technology tools, including a one-to-one device from grade 3 to grade 12


Access to all services within the school's counselling, college and careers programme


Use of specialized equipment for physical education and outdoor activities such as bikes, climbing gear, and an outdoor classroom in the forest


Access to science, design and multimedia labs


English language development (ELD) as well as mild and moderate learning support


Late bus service, only for middle and high school students


Lifelong membership in our global alumni programme