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Admissions FAQ

Below are some of the essential questions that families ask us when they visit the school. If you have a question that is not covered here, contact our Admissions Team, who will be happy to provide you with the information that you need.

Does my child have to join ISB on a specific date such as the beginning of the school year?

The start date for any student is always a case-by-case decision by the Head of Division. In theory, your child can begin school as soon as the admissions process is completed and a place has been offered. Practically speaking, however, a student will not usually enter ECC, ES or MS after May 1. High School students are not usually accepted after the beginning of the second semester but each application is looked at on a case-by-case basis. The Admissions office will contact you with the specific starting date.

IB Diploma students: If the student is not already enrolled in IB courses that are transferable to ISB, it is not possible to begin after the beginning of October.

How is grade level placement determined?

Grade level placement in the Early Childhood Centre is based on the cut-off date of November 1st. In the ES, MS and HS, placement is determined by both the previous educational experience and age of the student. In some cases, a placement test may be given to accurately place a student.

How does my child get to and from school?

Some parents drive their children to school themselves. Most of our students, however, use our comprehensive school bus service.

Does ISB run waiting lists?

Yes, when necessary. As with many international schools around the world, demand can fluctuate and is often high. This means that, at the time you apply, our classes may be full. In these cases, we open a waiting list for the class concerned. A member of our Admissions Team will be happy to explain to you how we operate our waiting list at ISB.

Is financial aid available towards the cost of tuition fees?

We are able to offer a small number of assisted places each year, subject to specific criteria.

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How long is the school day?

Early Childhood Centre (ECC)
08:45 - 15:20 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
08:45 - 12:00 (Wedsnesday) 

Pre-Kindergarten (PK):
08:45 - 15:20 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
08:45 - 12:00 (Wedsnesday) 

Kindergarten - Grade 2:
08:45 - 15:30 

Elementary School (ES)
08:40 - 15:35 

Middle School (MS)
08:40 - 15:40

High School (HS)
08:35 - 15:40

Is the application & capital fee refundable in any circumstances?

The application & capital fee is 50% refundable and enables us to cover the administrative costs of the application process. However, the fee will be fully refunded in the following circumstances:

1. when a student is placed on a 'waiting list' for more than 60 days and subsequently forced to attend an alternative school;

2. when a student application is not accepted;

3. when an application for financial assistance is turned down and an application is subsequently withdrawn.

Applications will not be processed until the full application fee has been paid.

How long will I have to wait before I know my child has been offered a place at ISB?

Once we have all the necessary documentation that we ask for in our admissions procedure, we are normally able to let you have the decision within one week. In July and early August, or if your child is receiving Learning Support, this can sometimes take a little longer.

My child has specific learning needs. How do I know whether these will be met?

ISB has a wide range of learning support available. The sooner you can let us have all the relevant information about your child, the sooner we will be able to say whether we can offer an appropriate programme. In most cases, we can but places are limited.

How will my non-English-speaking child manage in an English-language school?

We have a comprehensive English Language Development (ELD) programme, which will concentrate on "survival English" for the early days at ISB. Many of our children do not speak English when they arrive and our teachers and our other students are skilled in making them feel at home.

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