The International School of Brussels

Everyone included

Everyone challenged

Everyone successful

An educational building at International School of Brussels

Mission & Learning Network

ISB is more than a school. It is more than a record of outstanding achievement in academics, arts, and athletics. It is more than a place where traditions are valued and innovation is embraced. It is an extraordinary learning community, bringing together over 1350 students from more than 75 countries, around an ambitious Mission of inclusion, challenge and success.


Our Learning Network

When we talk about the ISB Learning Network, we are referring to a Community and a Mission. But we are also talking about the cluster of ideas, principles, and values upon which the school has been built over it's long history; but also around which the school is defining its future.

These ideas, principles and values weave and intersect in everything we do.

They embrace everyone.

They define who we are and who we want to be.

A chart of the International School of Brussels Learning Network

This depiction of the ISB Learning Network is a visual expression of this community. It shouldn't be read literally. Rather, its intention is to spark conversation and new ideas as we recall those central statements that guide everything we do.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To develop independent learners and international citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged, and successful.

Typically, this is summarised:
Everyone Included. Everyone Challenged. Everyone Successful.



International School of Brussels Motto

Our Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities

In support of our Mission, we are strategically planning, measuring, and investing in three connected priority areas:

International School of Brussels Areas of Focus

Our Learning Definition

Our Learning Definition

The ISB learning experience values three types of learning within the ISB curricular framework: Conceptual Learning; Competency Learning; Character Learning.

International School of Brussels Learning Definitions

Our Learning Principles

Our Learning Principles

Teaching and learning at ISB is anchored in five interrelated, research-based principles:

  1. Learning is maximized when individuals own the process through personal relevance, choice, autonomy, and creation.
  2. Learning involves ongoing construction of meaning through a constant cycle of inquiry, critical thinking, feedback, and reflection.
  3. Learning is enhanced through connections, communication, and collaboration across diverse perspectives.
  4. Learning in a rapidly changing landscape requires high levels of information fluency, media literacy, and technology integration.
  5. Learning can best be transferred when it is embedded in authentic contexts and is used to address real-world issues in creative ways.


These can, in turn, be expressed in four key words:


International School of Brussels Learning Principles

Our Community Values

Our Community Values

ISB is characterised by four key values that we are constantly looking to preserve and enhance in everything that we do:

International School of Brussels Values