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Mission & Strategic Priorities

ISB is a dynamic and exciting place. We have a legacy of being thought leaders and taking bold steps to create powerful learning experiences for our students and help shape the broader world of international education. This desire to continue to improve, combined with our internal capabilities and expertise in many areas, mean that we have many exciting possibilities in front of us as we look to the future. 

Our Mission

The ISB Mission is built on ideas, principles, and values that have characterised the school throughout its long history. It also continues to inform that way in which the school is defining its future.

We can not talk about our Mission without speaking of its connection to our community. Our Mission - and its ideas, principles and values - weave and intersect in everything we do.  They embrace everyone and they define who we are and who we want to be.

At ISB our Mission is to develop independent learners and international citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged, and successful.

Our Strategic Priorities

In order to ensure that our learners are better challenged, included, and successful, we recognise a need to provide increased levels of personalisation for every child. This involves providing unique learning opportunities and creative, personalised pathways that connect the resources we offer at ISB with our students’ needs, goals, and passions.
We also know that personalisation isn’t a destination but a journey - one that is unique to who we are as a school and what we believe about learning. This is why we have identified four Strategic Priorities at ISB: Challenge, Internationalism, One School, and Wellbeing.