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Mission & Strategic Priorities

At ISB our Mission is to develop independent learners and international citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged, and successful.

Our Mission

The ISB Mission is built on ideas, principles, and values that have characterised the school throughout its long history. It also continues to inform that way in which the school is defining its future.

We can not talk about our Mission without speaking of its connection to our community. Our Mission - and its ideas, principles and values - weave and intersect in everything we do.  They embrace everyone and they define who we are and who we want to be.



Take a Look at Our Mission in Action

Our Strategic Priorities

ISB is a dynamic and exciting place. We have a legacy of being thought leaders and taking bold steps to create powerful learning experiences for our students and help shape the broader world of international education. This desire to continue to improve, combined with our internal capabilities and expertise in many areas, mean that we have many exciting possibilities in front of us as we look to the future. 

Taking time to plan for the future 

Last year we were faced with managing what was arguably the most disruptive event in the school’s seventy year history. That we were able to offer a relatively safe and normal on campus learning experience was a significant accomplishment. This became a highly visible focus for the school in 2020/21.

But, behind the scenes, we were doing more than just successfully managing our way through a pandemic; we were having strategic conversations with different groups about the future of ISB. The reality of Covid-19 meant our capacity to take on new initiatives was very limited, but this also worked in our favour since it allowed us time to really think strategically about our future, synthesise priorities and craft some plans.

Core & Explore

To help shape our thinking and structure our dialogue, we are currently using a conceptual framework that we called Core and Explore. Adopting such a framework, while synthesising many priorities into just four Core ones is really just a first step in a larger journey.