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Leadership & Governance

Established in 1951 as a not-for-profit organisation, ISB is the oldest international school in Belgium. Our long history of success is underpinned by decades of continuity of governance and leadership. Our governance structure, a tradition of strong relationship between the Board of Trustees and the school’s Leadership, as well as a willingness regularly to gather feedback on how well we are doing as a school has ensured continuous progress towards a shared vision and resilience in the face of short term challenges.

The Board of Trustees is a policy-making body concerned with the effective management of resources and the provision of facilities at ISB, as well as establishing and maintaining good relations with the local and larger community.

The Board of Trustees

Liz Adkins • Simon Baxter • Anat Berger • Tony Blenke • Alex Bongrain • Sonali Chandmal Lamot (Board Vice Chair) • Alexander De Beir • Amy Edwards Anderson • Miene Gillion •  Dorte Hoeg (Board Secretary) • Suzanne Jin Mesinoglu • Frank Koster • George Nazi (Board Chair) • Jeneva Patterson • Diana Perez Buck • Sandra Rothenberger • Wojciech Stanislawski
Ex-officio Members of the Board of Trustees

James MacDonald - Director
Iannis Leonidakis - Works Council Secretary
 Ms. Madelon van der Rest - Family Association President

Honorary Trustees

The school is also honored by the support of Honorary Trustees. These are individuals who have given extraordinary service to ISB, usually, but not necessarily, as Trustees and who wish to maintain an active, long-term relationship with the school.

Scott Alcott • Richard Burnett • Claudia Coory • Estela Dengler • Pierre Hochuli • John Hudson • Henry Johnson • Ray Kubis
Bernard McFadden • Eric Osterweil • James Rosenstein • William Seddon-Brown • J. André de Barros Teixeira


The Leadership Team

The Director is responsible to the Board of Trustees for all aspects of school life, including the implementation of the school’s Mission and improvement plans. He is supported by a strong team of heads and directors, each with strategic responsibility for different areas of school life. They make up the Learning Leadership Team.

James MacDonald - Director
Stephen Kotanen - Head of High School (Interim)
Mike Crowley - Assistant Director and Head of Middle School
Garland Green - Director of Information Technology
Gordon Eldridge - Director of Curriculum and Professional Development
MJ Farris - Assistant Head of Middle School and Chief Innovation & Research Strategist
Adam Salem - Assistant Head of High School (Interim)
Leigh Heglund - Assistant Head of High School (Student Well-being)
Christopher Leakey - Assistant Head of Elementary School
Sasha Marshall - Head of Early Childhood Centre
Kristen Pelletier - Head of Student Support Services (Interim)
Lee Rosky - Director of Athletics & Activities 
Loretta Stanley - Assistant Head of Early Childhood Centre
Francis Trappeniers - Director of Finance and Operations
David Willows - Director of Advancement
Anna Zeiders - Head of Elementary School