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Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Policy

With widespread and longstanding issues of discrimination and exclusion across the world, the Board takes this opportunity to reconfirm its commitment to diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion by creating a positive and constructive policy to govern ISB’s evolving campus environment and education. With long-term and enduring intent, this policy ensures that ISB provides an appropriate learning environment and experience in a rapidly changing world; and sets expectations for its students and responsibilities of its faculty, to teach and learn in a manner that reflects ISB’s distinct mission of inclusion, challenge, and success.
ISB is a multi-cultural, international school with a community rich in diversity of language, culture and beliefs. Founded and developed on values of inclusion and international citizenship, we believe that this should be reflected in our community. This can only be successfully achieved if we ensure that everyone in the ISB community is treated fairly and has the same access to opportunity.
The Board firmly rejects discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice on any grounds.

Approved by Board of Trustees on 06.10.2022