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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

The mission of The International School of Brussels is to produce International Citizens and Independent Learners in an environment where everyone is included, challenged, and successful.
‘Everyone included’ signals a commitment to DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice) principles. We strive to ensure that diversity is respected and celebrated, that all are treated with equity, and that all are truly included. At ISB we define ‘everyone included’ as meaning that:
“Learners experience inclusion when they authentically belong to a community that values them as unique human beings with inherent worth, and are empowered and supported to both learn and contribute in a meaningful way.”
International School of Brussels campus

But what does that mean in our classrooms and for our broader community?

Upstander Protocol - across campus, we promote a protocol that supports all members of the community in being upstanders, by which we mean that everyone speaks or acts in support of others, particularly when they witness a person being bullied or treated unfairly.
Classroom Culture Training - we partner with the Crisis Prevention Institute to provide professional development for all our teachers in creating a calm, safe, Inclusive classroom culture, where all students feel a sense of belonging. This training supports us in creating a consistently supportive culture across all classrooms at ISB.
Curriculum for DEIJ - our curriculum includes standards which support students in: valuing all aspects of their individual identities accepting and celebrating the diversity around them developing a sense of what it means to them personally to act for a world that is more just
Curriculum for Character - our curriculum includes standards which are designed to help students reflect on what it means for them personally to demonstrate character traits such as: Compassion, Integrity, Fairness, Openness, Resilience, and Reflection

These are some of the building blocks which support a strong community at ISB where the principles of DEIJ are woven into the ways we interact with each other and the world around us. The work will continue to evolve as we reflect, learn, and progress towards becoming a community which truly lives our mission of inclusion, challenge, and success.