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ISB Campus

We are uniquely positioned in Brussels to offer outstanding learning opportunities in a safe, secure, and spectacular environment. We want to guarantee a learning environment that supports the unique needs of our students, ensuring the safety of both our community and the environment in which we operate.
International School of Brussels campus

Beyond the Classroom

Set on a 40-acre Campus within the Forêt de Soignes, ISB is an oasis of natural beauty within the busy international city of Brussels. Recent studies confirm that ISB's air quality is remarkable and one of the best in Brussels (8,68µg/m3 in 2021-22). ISB encourages students to fully take advantage of this unique location, making the most of our sports fields and our outdoor teaching and learning facilities.

Through strategic investments, support from donors, and collaboration with partners, we have realised important enhancements to our Campus that directly facilitate ISB's learning Vision, strengthening the school's infrastructure and security. The school is located within easy reach of public transportation. We also offer a safe and practical school bus service for students traveling to and from home and campus.

Visiting the School

To guarantee a safe environment for our community members, ISB operates as a secure Campus and access is restricted.