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More than a school

ISB is a private school founded in 1951 in Brussels for students grades Pre-K to 12. With over 1350 students from 70 countries, it is this diversity that sets us apart and makes ISB a wonderful home for our families.


Academic Performance

At ISB, we value and celebrate student success without defining it solely around standardised tests or a final course result.

However, we also recognise that regular assessment, as well as IB Diploma, BTEC and Career-related Programme scores are important as they enable students to continue their learning journey beyond ISB. 



State-of-The Art Facilities

ISB offers state-of-the art facilities located on a unique 40-acre campus surrounded by the forest. Located in an oasis of natural beauty, ISB is also perfectly situated to take advantage of all Brussels has to offer by our proximity to the centre. Our community of students, families and teachers are located in many different parts of Belgium, all coming together each day by car, train, bus, tram and bike to share their commitment to challenging and successful learning.


Our goal at ISB is to create independent learners. More than a mission statement, this is reinforced in our curriculum as early as Kindergarten. We understand that students learn best when they have ownership of their learning. By the time our students reach upper school they are true advocates for their own learning, making independent choices while being fully supported on their journey.


A School that Leaves a Mark

Long after students leave ISB, members of our worldwide Alumni community often speak of how the school continues to hold a special place in their hearts, how it helped them to discover a true love of learning, and how they remain close with friends and teachers from their time at the school. ISB is certainly a school that leaves a mark on people, just as it helps them make their mark in the world.

While we are very proud of the past 70 years of excellence, we also understand the importance of being able to adapt to the changing needs of today. Perhaps this lesson has never been as strong as the past two years, and it is through our commitment to innovation, and our incredible community, that we were able to keep our students engaged, healthy and happy in what will certainly be one of the hardest times in their lives.




I think the global mindset that students are encouraged to find at ISB is one of the most profound lasting impacts. The idea of 'life long learning' and the incredible network that seems to connect us all globally, are also some of the lasting impacts that ISB has had on my life."

- Dana, Class of 2016

The ISB Annual Report 2020-21

This year we celebrate an extraordinary milestone: 70 years of ISB. As we look ahead with hope and ambition at a future we are already creating for our students and our school, we also want to acknowledge all of the remarkable people that have helped shape who we are today. The purpose of this document is to celebrate our legacy, embrace our present, and look back on a year in which new priorities emerged and new, valuable lessons were learned.

This is ISB.