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About ISB

Learning for the Future


There is no doubt that the strength of ISB, including its ability to withstand the pressure of what is happening in the world around us, lies in its deep sense of community and the legacy that it has built up over time.

We also strongly believe that this is a time to be future-focused, ambitious for our students, and courageous enough to adapt to this new and ever-changing environment.

Whether you are a returning student, a parent choosing the right school for your children in Brussels, or someone interested in future career opportunities, we hope that our site gives a small glimpse of life and learning at this remarkable school in these remarkable times.

James MacDonald 
ISB Director


Mission & Vision

At the heart of this community, we hold firmly to an ambitious Mission of inclusion, challenge, and success for all students.

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Leadership & Governance

The Board of Trustees and Learning Leadership Team work together to realise the Mission and advance all aspects of life and learning across the school.

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For nearly forty years, ISB has been an accredited international school. As a community founded upon learning, we strongly endorse this ongoing peer review cycle.

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Since 1951, ISB has been a landmark school in the world of international education. As we look to the future, we also celebrate those who came before us.

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Our 2020/21 Annual Report


This year we celebrate an extraordinary milestone: 70 years of ISB. As we look ahead with hope and ambition at a future we are already creating for our students and our school, we also want to acknowledge all of the remarkable people that have helped shape who we are today.

The purpose of this Annual Report is to celebrate our legacy, embrace our present, and look back on a year in which new priorities emerged and new, valuable lessons were learned.


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