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Learning to focus

Focus: you know what it is, so we will skip the dictionary definition.

But what else can you say about focusing? Well, the ES Communications Club set out to find some answers.

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FA Community Events

Family Association Community Events team serves the ISB community in fostering friendship, discovery, and connection. Find out more about what they do.

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48h Theatre Project

This past weekend, Middle School students participated in the 48h Theatre Project at ISB. The weekend was full of student ownership and growth.

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The ESS/BIO Zwin Field Trip

The Zwin science field trip has been part of the ISB programme for the past 25 years. Find out why this Belgian nature reserve is so important to the learning of many HS students.

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Going Bananas for Snact

"Globally, we are wasting one third of the food we produce." Find out how Snact, founded by ISB Alumni, is helping to change that.

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