Learning through Technology

Preparing students today for the world of tomorrow

The ISB learning experience is designed as a continuous journey of self-development from Preschool to High School graduation.  We believe that every year spent at ISB is a unique opportunity for your child to engage with a coherent curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, tailored to your child's individual learning needs, and preparative for a world beyond school.

Of course, this presents a unique challenge:  How do you prepare students for a world beyond school that never ceases to change and reinvent itself?  Furthermore, how can you tailor this experience to individual learners, whilst allowing them to be independent in their progression but also successful and competitive in a technology-centred world outside ISB? 


The answer, we believe, is our Teaching and Learning with Technology project.

Every child, from age 3 to 19, is provided with access to age-appropriate technologies. In the Early Childhood Centre, this means digital cameras, educational games and tablet computers available for use in every classroom.
From Grades 3 to 5, students are engaged directly in one-to-one computing, meaning that every student has his or her own tablet computer for use in the classroom, integrating technology and research skills into the curriculum to complement all units of study.
Students in Grade 6 and up are given their own tablets, which they can use in class and take home to use on assignments, finally bridging the gap between home and the classroom and ensuring students can be independent in learning that can occur at virtually anytime and anywhere.
Teachers fully understand technology and its benefits, as they also have their own tablet-pcs, and go through training to help them further integrate technology into our curriculum. This investment in our educators leads right back to the classroom, as every classroom is equipped with a docking station and a projector.
All tablet PC’s are lent out like textbooks – they belong to ISB and are used by students throughout the year primarily as a learning tool.


All technology decisions at ISB are guided by the following principles:

Appropriate technology use is an essential component of optimal learning environments.
Technology creates new teaching and learning opportunities that improve student understanding. It contributes to an environment in which teaching and learning are learner centered, collaborative, engaging.
Technology provides the means for equitable learning opportunities. It allows teachers to meet the diverse learning needs of students by adapting to individual goals and learning styles.

Think Big, 27 March 2014


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