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High School Students Attend TEDxBrussels
Posted 20/03/2017 14:37

On Monday 6 March, thirteen high school students attended the TEDx Talks in Brussels, where the theme was "No Limits". The students saw speakers and performances that focused on virtual reality, robotics, personal adventures, cuisine, nuclear physics and human rights, to name a few. They left the event with plenty of new ideas to build their education upon.

Each year, the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Department organizes a trip for a group of students to attend the TEDxBrussels. These talks enhance the learning experience of ToK students as ToK examines how knowledge can be acquired through different subject areas and how those areas are interconnected. An entire day of TEDx Talks is similar as it takes one theme and examines how that applies to various professions. This gives the opportunity to our students to see how different disciplines approach the same topic.

This year, our students heard talks on how addictions can be treated with alternative methods, the importance of publishing scientific findings quickly and more efficiently, and how virtual reality can help paraplegics walk again. In addition, they saw performers dance on a background that was projected on a screen to create a live animated film, and heard musicians incorporate pre-recorded everyday sounds to make music.

Due to limited seating, only a certain number of our students could attend. However, in keeping with TED's motto that "ideas are worth spreading", the students will share their experiences and observations in their ToK classes and at an upcoming Community Meeting in the High School.

By Mark McGowan, ISB ToK Teacher

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