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A.C.E. Students Assemble Prosthetic Hands
Posted 16/03/2017 14:00

A.C.E. stands for 'Take Action, Make Change, and Empower' and is a group of 9th grade students at ISB Middle School with a compelling mission. Our ACE team are making 3D printed and specially designed prosthetic hands for children around the world who were born without hands or had accidents that removed this limb. These children struggle with tasks that come to us naturally, such as picking up a cup to drink or holding a book in their hands. The ACE group not only wanted to help children around the world, but they also wanted to impact their lives in a powerful way.

The prosthetic hands were first designed on the computer and then 3D printed in separate parts in the MS Design Studio. There were a wide array of colours, shapes, and sizes to use for the hands so that they could be personalized for each child's needs. It took a few weeks for all of the parts to be printed before the team was able to assemble them. Once the parts were finished and created, step-by-step instructions were printed for the A.C.E. students to use while making the hands. The students worked hard for an entire afternoon, building the hands and assembling them in groups of 2-3. Teamwork, patience, hard work, and - sometimes - teacher assistance were needed to assemble the hands.

We asked some of the students how this project had impacted them, and how they thought it would affect children all around the world:

"It was really shocking to see kids without hands because you are used to seeing people with two hands. You realise how lucky you are", said one 9th grade student who participated in the project. "There's just this feeling inside of you when you know that you are helping other people", another student remarked.

This project gave students a greater opportunity to realise how fortunate they are to have two functioning hands, and an appreciation for things that we usually take for granted. They felt proud knowing that they were a part of a process that makes a real difference. This project rewarded them with experiences and emotions that changed their perspective on the world. The ultimate reward, perhaps, is seeing the children's excitement once they received their hands. The enthusiasm on the children's faces was priceless.

ISB is helping to improve the lives of young people all around the world, not just those who attend the school.

Video and article by the Middle School News Team: Grace Bassett, Morgana Angeli and Eliza Levitt

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