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Training for the Special Olympics
Posted 28/02/2017 14:49

The Special Olympics is an event where people with intellectual disabilities are given the opportunity to learn and discover new strengths, abilities, and success. They are able to find excitement, joy, and confidence through sports. Read more about Special Olympics history here.

The Time Trial for the Special Olympics took place on Friday, 10 February. In the morning, Middle School classes gradually came outside to cheer on the in-training Special Olympians. The competitors ran multiple laps around the track (1500m, 800m, 400m, 50m), practiced throwing shot puts across the field, disc throwing, javelin, and a few other stations. Cheering and support was shown and heard all around the field and definitely encouraged the students to continue with their practice and prepare themselves for the upcoming big event.

Not only was the Time Trial for the Special Olympics a chance to train for the upcoming event, but it was also a way for the ISB students to show their support for the training competitors while they were busy on the field. Overall, the Special Olympians showed their confidence, strengths, and abilities to the roaring crowd. They were shown support from their fellow ISB students and were able to enjoy themselves while preparing for their big upcoming event.

The official Special Olympics event will be taking place on May 24 - May 27 in Lommel, Belgium. Keep an eye open for the latest updates and news on this event.


Written by ISB Middle School News Team: Grace Bassett, Eliza Levitt, and Morgana Angeli

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