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How ISB is Shaping our Future
Posted 17/02/2017 14:00

This project began with a question: how do our experiences differ to the ones that our teachers had when they were our age? Our video shows just some of the experiences that our Middle School teachers had. Their different experiences taught us how fortunate we at ISB are, and how the opportunities available to us are shaping our lives.

Through learning about our teachers’ school experiences, we gained a deeper understanding of ISB and its advanced technology, facilities, teaching techniques, and simply the vast amount of culture, communities, and nationalities that this school has. ISB has also given us certain experiences that not many other schools can offer to their students, for example, the In the Zone day, a choice of electives, and even the chance to try out modules during Personal Learning. We are also privileged to be able to go on multiple class trips that take us to places that we do not normally go to. These trips can last up to a week in other countries or cities, and enable us to learn ‘hands on’ instead of seeing these places through textbooks or images.

There were many things that surprised us during the interviews with our teachers, in particular, the limited or lack of technology available to them during their Middle School experiences. “We had chalk and, er… chalk”, claimed Ms. Barry (Social Studies Department). “We were allowed to use calculators sometimes”, joked Mr. Ferguson (Mathematics Department). “We had typewriters”, remembered Ms. Stephens (E.L.D. Department). Our eyes were opened to how fortunate we are to be able to access equipment like personal computers, 3D printers, laser cutters, and iPads.

Our experiences here at ISB differ from those of our teachers in other ways besides the technology aspect. Here, we are given choice - the choice to choose courses that we are passionate about or that give us new experiences. Through these opportunities to discover something new, one of the authors discovered a new passion. At the beginning of Grade 7, she had set out to become a writer, trying an elective called Writer's Workshop. During the next semester she tried Video Production and Design and discovered a passion for filming and editing videos. She is now a keen member of the ISB MS News Team, where she found something that is both encouraging her to continuing writing articles and allowing her to make videos.

Through this project, therefore, we have developed our interviewing, filming and video editing skills through learning interesting facts about our teachers. And, thanks to this, we realised to a greater extent how fortunate students at ISB are. With incredible facilities, technology and opportunities to explore our interests and direct our learning, ISB truly is shaping our future.

Every person has a story, and ISB is helping us shape it.

Watch the full video of our interviews with our MS teachers here.

Written by the ISB Middle School News Team: Grace Bassett, Morgana Angeli and Eliza Levitt

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