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Lighting Up the World of Art
Posted 13/02/2017 14:00

Middle School French students attended Visual Arts and Media classes to learn about light and art as part of a recent interdisciplinary project. The objective of this activity was to learn French vocabulary in an artistic context, but more was achieved than this.

This activity took place in the art class where the entire room and its walls were covered with black drapes to resemble a photo studio and thereby allow in only the slightest bit of light. The students used LED lights to draw 3D artwork, and a picture was then taken with a long-exposure camera lens, so that the students could see what they had created.

This project taught students that they can express themselves in more than one way. When the focus is on something other than the language learning itself - French in this case - you can be more spontaneous and creative. These students learned more French vocabulary while having fun, enjoying the creative process, and being expressive.

From an artistic perspective, students learnt that drawing, colouring or painting are not the only forms of art that can let you free your creativity, opinions, and emotion. Art can be expressed in everything that you say and do, even in our everyday lives. From a different point of view on this new and exciting project for the French B students, there could be another reason behind this specific choice of expression in art. Is it possible that the teachers realized that light can be found even in the darkest of places?

This project encouraged the students to try their best and push themselves further, not only in their French vocabulary but also in their understanding of artistic expression. The art teacher involved (Mme. de Lannoy-Clervaux) remarked on how fascinating it was that the students made such strong and natural connections between art and French. The fact that the students were able to connect two very different aspects of learning will encourage them to make connections in other aspects of their lives. During this project, students began to unlock their imaginations and unleash their creativity.

Written by the ISB Middle School News Team: Grace Bassett, Morgana Angeli, and Eliza Levitt

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