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Sharing Cultures at the International Community Morning
Posted 10/02/2017 14:16

The International Community Morning started ten years ago as a special way to bring together and celebrate our Elementary School community and to learn more from each other and from our backgrounds.

This year, the International Community Morning (ICM) took place in the ES on Wednesday 1 February. Throughout the morning, students participate in a range of sessions offered by parents and teachers who volunteered to share a part of their culture - games, crafts, stories, dancing, art, and more. This year students were able to enjoy Japanese origami, American football, Brazilian Capoeira, Indian dance, Flemish storytelling, French folksongs and many more.

The students also got a taste of the different countries through delicious food from all over the world. Amongst the large variety of delicious food, the students enjoyed sushi, corn bread, olives, pretzels and home-baked goodies. The atmosphere in the Elementary School after the event was one of excitement, with everyone talking about what they’d learned and experienced.

We thank all members of the community involved in this multi-cultural celebration filled with laughter, learning and celebration!

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