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Learning by Design: Student Strand
Posted 01/02/2017 14:28

On 17-19 March, 2017, ISB will host the Learning by Design Conference, inviting educators from all over the world to reimagine the ways schools create a culture based on open knowledge and an inclusive educational community, and how they respond to today’s rapid social change.

We’re lucky enough to be hosting a number of guest speakers from all over the world, including, futurist David Price, writer Suzie Boss, Vice President of Pedagogy for AltSchool Colleen Broderick, and co-founder of Taking IT Global Michael Furdyk.

The conference is designed for teachers, school heads, trustees, and administrators.  Unlike other schools who host learning conferences, ISB is also inviting us, the students, to participate.

“The Learning by Design Conference will cultivate skills in our socially-minded youth and support them in creating innovative solutions to address the root causes of problems in our world,” said Benjamin Doxtdator, who is leading the student strand in the conference. “It’s about student learning,” MS Assistant Head, Mary-Jeanne Farris said when asked why students were included in the conference. “It’s all about you.”

Up to 100 students from grades 5 to 11 will be eligible to participate in the conference. Students involved will be able to attend sessions about student empowerment, inquiry, innovation, modern learning, and problem-solving. They will also be involved in a training workshop in Social Entrepreneurship provided by Learning by Design partners, The Center For Creative Leadership. A full student schedule can be found here.

Students who wish to attend will complete application forms, and up to 100 students from across the school will have the incredible opportunity to take part. Throughout the conference, they will work to design innovative solutions to challenges, and the best idea pitched to the adults will be awarded a grant to realise the idea.

I believe it’s very important that students are getting involved with this conference. It’s becoming increasingly clear that students need to take charge of their learning in this ever-changing world. The Learning by Design conference will equip the students who take part with new skills and way of thinking. Will you get involved?

Engage, connect, innovate, empower. Learning by Design, 17-19 March, 2017.

Written by Emily Hinder and edited by Grace Bassett, ISB News Team

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