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Co-Curricular Activities Network
Posted 30/01/2017 15:29

On Saturday 21 January, ISB welcomed representatives from nine other international schools who have joined together to create a Co-curricular Activities Network. Hosting this event was Erin Marsh, the Assistant Activities Director at ISB, and other members of the ISB Plus team.

The purpose of this new network, which includes schools from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, England and the Netherlands, is to form an open conversation about running a co-curricular programme in an International School and work collaboratively to create a positive impact on student learning. The group discussed how to define a co-curricular activities programme and what role it plays within a school. They were able to compare their individual schools and find common themes, challenges and potential areas for growth. In addition, a live podcast with a representative from the American School of Bombay took place to provide an external perspective.

ISB is committed to supporting our students in their individual learning journeys and our co-curricular programme directly aligns with our mission of inclusion, challenge and success. Erin Marsh believes “an activities programme plays an important role in all schools, as it allows students the opportunity to extend and enrich current skills and knowledge or discover a passion in something new”. Currently our ISB Plus activity programme provides co-curricular activities for students across the school from preschool to grade 12. During the winter season there were more than 700 registrations in 70 different activities.

The network will meet again in the spring, with new schools requesting to join. The focus will be on creating an authentic link between activities and the curriculum and offering holiday camps to students for fun, extended learning opportunities. 

Written by the ISB Plus Activities Department

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