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Student Story: Creativity in the ECC and ES
Posted 27/01/2017 14:28

Every child is creative in their own way. At ISB there are many subjects which enable you to be independent and creative. One such subject is art - you can be creative not only in the artwork you produce, but also in the way in which you produce it: how you think and the way you act.

To get some more information we asked the Early Childhood Centre and Elementary School art teachers, Ms Capelin and Mr Langtree, for their perspectives on Creativity.

Both teachers explained they have a passion for art, so they want to pass it on by helping students to express their creativity. They said that they focus on encouraging students to do something creative, rather than teaching them to do art the “right” or “perfect” way. Mr Langtree described creativity as “going to unexpected places. Art work should go somewhere unusual - you cannot be creative if you do not take risks.” Author Daniel Pink inspired us when he said that art is “giving the world something it didn't know it was missing”. 

Whilst the art teachers encourage their students to start with a base (such as a drawing or a piece of text), students are also encouraged to collaborate with each other and build on their ideas - through a community of artists, ideas get bigger and sometimes better. Allowing students to be open to changing their ideas and to have ups and downs during their creative process is very important.

Art is different from other subjects such as mathematics or literacy because it encourages students to think outside of the box. Creative subjects such as art allow people to be open and to express themselves in unique ways. Being creative is a very positive thing which should always be encouraged.

The following are some photos of recent work by Grades 3-6. For more photos of Elementary School artwork, please visit the ES Visual Art website.

Written by Josephine Hirsch, Grade 6, and supported by Alienor de Montfort and Oceane Lavoie, Grade 4 - Elementary School Communications Club. Special thanks to Mr Langtree and Ms Capelin.

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